Southern Water was unable to repair the leak that made the basement damp.


The storm drain in front of our neighbor’s house has been leaking out in a steady flow for the last two weeks. Southern Water sent somebody to investigate, but my neighbor’s scaffolding stopped him from doing so. He took it down immediately, but after several calls from us, Southern never turned up again.

Customer support is like throwing Jell-O uphill, and tens of thousands of gallons of water vanish. Within one day of my contacting them, DG, BrightonSouthern Water conjured up a technician, and the job was finished in two hours – less time than you spent trying to reach the company.

Its recalcitrance is a shame, especially because it itself recognizes that the Southeast is a water-scarce area. Covid is supposed to be blamed. “Restrictions and changes in work practices have made operations more difficult, and occasionally it has taken longer than normal to make repairs,” it says, before thanking them for their patience.

Southern says you have to report it to your insurer if the leak has damaged the house.

So, even though the leak is patched, expect administrative work for more hours. Email [email protected] if you need assistance.

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