Scottish EDGE Awards: The complete list of the winners for tonight


After being declared winners in the most recent round of the Scottish EDGE Awards, a total of 33 high-growth enterprises won just over £ 1 million in funding, with Edinburgh-based Touchlab taking the largest reward of £ 100,000.

Touchlab, founded in 2018, develops sensing technology to construct a “electronic skin” that gives a human sense of touch to machines. This helps them to work best in stressful conditions, such as space or dangerous environments, while handling sensitive objects.

Seven businesses earned a total of £75,000 in Wildcard EDGE, the category for pre-IPO companies, sole proprietorships and partnerships. In the Young EDGE group, another eight companies, all of whose directors are under 30, won £ 85,000.

Company Women Scotland Awards: The complete list of the finalists for this year

Today’s finalists bring the cumulative sum of money raised to about £ 16 million by high-growth, early-stage enterprises over 16 EDGE funding rounds. In order to increase their funding, the winners will also have access to additional top-up loans this year.

The Hunter Fund, the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise are funding the initiative. Entrepreneur Sir Tom Hunter of the eponymous Hunter Foundation said he was “delighted” that an extra £ 500,000 loan was given by Scottish Enterprise, which will be shared between the winners.

“To be clear, if Scotland is to rebuild, SMEs are fundamental to our chances of success, and so I think enterprise and government need to come together to extend and accelerate support for them through programs like Scottish EDGE and the Logan Review,” he said.

The following is the full list of winners:

Brewery Bellfield

Edinburgh (£ 70,000, loan) is the first exclusively gluten-free and vegan brewery in the UK.

Brave Powerful Beautiful Strong Gorgeous (Community Interest Company).

Employability facilities in the hair and beauty salon – Edinburgh (£50,000, Social Enterprise EDGE)

Ltd. of Art Prospect.

Glasgow (£80,000) is a space technology company using artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum technologies to boost satellite operations.

Car Care New

Edinburgh (£25,000, STV Growth EDGE) mobile car care software that lets subscribers clean and maintain their vehicles.

GoRoadie the GoRoadie

Dundee (£40,000) – A marketplace that links learner drivers with trained driving instructors

Dx IntelliPalp

Biomedical research business that develops prostate cancer early detection systems – Edinburgh (£75,000)

Distillers Limited to Matugga

An emerging distillery that produces an award-winning collection of Scottish craft rum spirits – Livingston (£25,000)


Edinburgh (£45,000) provides a novel screening test that detects heart disease in pets from a blood sample.

Bio Ogi

Start-up in biotechnology to create retrofittable devices to improve the manner in which microbes are developed and controlled – Edinburgh (£ 45,000)

Peptides of Origin

For science, cosmetic and medicinal uses, manufacturer of peptides – Edinburgh (£35,000)

Partners Ltd. of Pillow Property.

Dundonald, Ayrshire (£25,000) International travel technology platform that matches vacation home owners with high-value visitors from around the world.

Piseach, Bubu Skincare Trading.

Develop exclusive skincare masks that target customers of Generation Z/Millennials worldwide – Alness, Highlands & Islands (£ 35,000)

Trading as Earth Blox. Quosient.

Earth observation info – Edinburgh (£30,000) with access to terabytes of space satellites

Solutions of Seawater

Glasgow (£25,000, Circular Economy EDGE) – Social enterprise pursuing sustainable agricultural practices, using seawater to cultivate salt-tolerant crops

Restricted by Ten Bio

Dundee (£65,000) – Pharmaceutical spin-out company offering a patent-pending tool for human skin research that closely mimics intact living skin

Ltd. of Topolytics.

Edinburgh (£45,000) is an analytics tool that uses data analysis to make the global waste system more accessible.

Touchlab With

Uses cutting-edge electronic skin to build remote-controlled robotic avatars in space and hazardous environments – Edinburgh (£100,000, Higgs EDGE)

Utopi Limited

IoT-enabled smart building integrator that helps businesses optimize space and performance – Glasgow (£30,000)

Wildcard EDGE Winner:

Confidence Plus


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