Scammers are taking advantage of some of the most popular websites, according to NatWest.


Scammers take advantage of some of the most popular websites, according to NatWest.

According to NatWest’s latest data, Facebook Marketplace is the most commonly reported site for scams.

In advance of Black Friday, one of the busiest online shopping days of the year, the bank has revealed the top four sites used by scammers.

Scammers now prefer social networking sites, with Instagram coming in second.

Scams on social media sites frequently offer goods at steep discounts.

Before receiving the goods, the seller will frequently request payment via bank transfer.

Scammers continue to use eBay, which is followed by Gumtree in third place.

The figures are based on the number of scams reported to NatWest between September 1 and November 22 of 2021.

“Don’t let fake influencers or sellers steal your Christmas by sending them a payment for presents you will never receive,” said Jason Costain, head of fraud prevention at NatWest.

It’s fraudsters’ favorite time of year, so be cautious when purchasing items you’ve seen on social media sites like Facebook Marketplace and Instagram.”

NatWest has some shopping safety tips for you in the run-up to Christmas:

If you’re not sure if a message or call is legitimate, call your bank’s customer service number, which is 159.

Customers can also get free Malwarebytes software from NatWest to help them protect themselves online.

The NatWest website has more information on how to stay scam-free this holiday season.


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