Scam alert: Nationwide advises that fraudsters are using a dummy box to steal money from cash machines.


Scam alert: Nationwide advises that fraudsters are using a dummy box to steal money from cash machines.

SCAM WARNINGS have been issued after it was discovered that fraudsters were using a dummy box to steal money from unsuspecting clients. A Nationwide branch has raised awareness of the scam, and the building society has given guidance.

Bank customers are frequently targeted by con artists who have no qualms about stealing people’s hard-earned money. Lowell, a debt management business, recently performed research on the most common sorts of fraudulent activities in the United Kingdom.

Lowell discovered that debit and credit card fraud is the most common sort of fraud in the UK after studying data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and its own survey (18 percent).

Internet banking fraud (nine percent), SMS fraud (eight percent), mobile banking fraud (six percent), and cash machine fraud are all common types of fraud that impact roughly one in ten British savers (five percent).

Consumers should be especially aware of the latter, as a new cash machine fraud has been discovered.

A new fraud has been identified, according to the Mailonline, in which individuals are duped into thinking there is just one slot on a cash machine that offers both withdrawal and deposit services.

Scammers are increasingly using a plastic sheet/box to cover withdrawal slots.

When customers use the machine to get cash, the money remains hidden behind this cover, leading them to believe the machine is damaged and walk away.

Unfortunately, the machine does really disburse the funds, and crooks arrive later to steal the funds.

A TikTok user illustrated how the fraud works on a Nationwide cash machine, highlighting the trick.

As a result, the building society advised customers to be on the lookout for unusual behaviour before withdrawing money.

“The type of occurrence seen in the video, while rare, can happen to ATMs anywhere at any time,” a Nationwide spokeswoman told The Mirror.

“To combat these types of scams, Nationwide has a variety of mechanisms in place.

“However, as the video shows, it is critical that consumers be attentive and check for any suspicious gadgets when using ATMs, particularly those located outside,” says the author.

Over the last year or two, fraudsters have been known to take advantage of coronavirus, and the ONS emphasized how serious this has grown on July 22.

“Estimates from the Telephone-operated Crime Survey for England and Wales (TCSEW) showed.” Brinkwire Summary News, according to the ONS.


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