Savings: Despite financial difficulties and low interest rates, you may be able to become ‘financially free.’


Savings: Despite financial difficulties and low interest rates, you may be able to become ‘financially free.’

SAVING MONEY might be a challenging task, but there are several crucial measures to remember if you want to achieve “financial freedom.”

Saving money is difficult, especially with the cost of living rising every year and the COVID-19 situation posing challenges. However, many people still want to save money and live a more financially responsible life, and there are ways to do so. This website chatted with Aseem Munshi, CEO of anti-debt financial software Updraft, to learn more about the options available to Britons.

He gave advice on how Britons might improve their finances and put their money troubles behind them in the future.

“Building up a savings account has a tremendous impact on feeling financially free,” Mr Munshi added.

“You are free to do the things you enjoy without having to worry about money.

“It takes a little discipline to get into the habit of saving, but it’s about making those modest everyday improvements that will aid you on your way to financial freedom.”

The first step on the road to financial independence is to start saving.

While interest rates have fallen, making savers more gloomy, there are still ways to make money work harder.

Mr Munshi remarked that rounding up one’s spending to assist one save money is a single action that can have a big impact.

Britons may be able to arrange their bank accounts to automatically round up their purchases, conserving spare change – an action that can quickly add up.

This money can then be used to pay down debt, put money into savings accounts, or help with day-to-day expenses.

Next, simplifying one’s spending and bringing all of one’s accounts together can considerably help one’s savings.

Linking accounts or drawing them together can help Britons keep track of how much money they spend each month and eliminate wasteful acts.

Mr Munshi’s next suggestion for saving money and becoming financially independent is based on the concept of brain power.

“Delete card details from your phone autofill or shopping websites,” he continued.

“Having to get up, retrieve your card, and enter your information gives you time to consider if you really need what you’re about to buy.

“Also, if you’re enticed by marketing emails promoting.”Brinkwire Summary News,” don’t fall for it.


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