Roger Black has opened a new home exercise boutique for boomers.


Roger Black has opened a new home exercise boutique for boomers.

Olympic medalist Roger Black is creating an online home fitness business with equipment aimed at motivating baby boomers who want to get in shape but don’t want to go to a public gym because of the mirror-driven narcissism.

The move marks a departure for the retired athlete, 55, who has run his Roger Black Fitness brand through retailer Argos for the past 14 years. Folding and static exercise cycles and treadmills, as well as a new air rower and cross trainer, are all part of the newly improved collection (prices start at £159).

According to new research, some people are hesitant to keep up their fitness routine after getting vaccinated.

According to Black, “fitness and exercise do not begin and end with a six-pack and an influencer Instagram account.”

“We’re here for everyone, from people with pre-existing health concerns who are encouraged to exercise for 20 minutes every day to those who don’t want to show their bodies for personal or religious reasons, aren’t particularly tech smart, or have limited room and need foldable equipment.

“Over the course of lockdown, the fitness business has evolved. I had to choose between working with a retailer and selling directly to customers. I’ve returned to my fitness roots in full.”

Black used some of his pension assets and angel funding to establish this phase of the business, which cost around £250,000. The equipment is made in China, but he wants to look at UK manufacturing options and expand the capsule collection by adding smaller equipment.

“The Easy Fold Treadmill is a patented design that folds totally flat on the floor or up against a wall, and our Folding Bike has been improved to include an extremely comfy seat.

He adds, “We need to keep exercising.” “If Covid has taught us anything, it is that health cannot be measured in dollars.”


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