Rishi Sunak, of Universal Credit UK, has warned that the £20 increase must be maintained indefinitely.


Rishi Sunak, of Universal Credit UK, has warned that the £20 increase must be maintained indefinitely.

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has been reminded that the UNIVERSAL CREDIT must be made permanent as the measure nears its end.

Universal Credit is a benefit designed to assist those who are unable to work, have a low income, or are unemployed. The monthly amount can be used to assist people budget as well as meet necessary day-to-day expenses. During the pandemic, it was a lifeline for millions of people who had fallen on hard times or lost their jobs.

Recognizing this, the government implemented a temporary £20 weekly increase in the Universal Credit amount.

Despite the fact that it has provided a further extension to this rise, it is just temporary and will stop at the end of September.

However, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been told that the emergency measure must be made permanent in order to protect Britons.

Six previous Conservative secretary of state for labour and pensions have urged the government to act on the issue.

Among them is Sir Iain Duncan Smith, who was the driving force behind the implementation of the Universal Credit scheme.

Amber Rudd, Esther McVey, David Gauke, Damian Green, and Stephen Crabb have all supported him in his appeal to action.

“One of the biggest, but unnoticed, accomplishments of the Government’s response to Covid has been the benefit system,” Sir Iain said.

“Universal Credit has shown to be a reliable method for allocating funds to those in need, and the additional £20 has been critical in allowing individuals to live in dignity.”

In a joint letter to Mr. Sunak, the groups urged the government to do more to protect people who are unable to work.

“It is requested that current funding for persons in the Universal Credit envelope be maintained at the current level,” it says.

With the effects of the pandemic still being felt, it is anticipated that a cut to Universal Credit may put millions of families in financial danger.

Turn2Us, a poverty organization, has warned of the potential consequences of a benefit cut.

According to the report, the removal of the uplift might result in half a million individuals, including 200,000 children, being “drawn into poverty overnight.”

“A decade of restrictions, cuts, and freezes to the UK’s social security benefits has left it one of the least generous in Europe,” said Thomas Lawson, Chief Executive of Turn2Us.

“If the government pushes through with its Universal Credit cut,.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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