Redrow has threatened to take over part of the front yard of our new house twice.


We bought a duplex last January in a new development.

The developer, Redrow, has twice attempted to adapt part of our front yard in the last month to extend the shared driveway.

Without any warning or clarification, this happened and only stopped when we threatened to call the police. As we waited for written assurance that there would be no third attempt, we became inmates in our own house.

Redrow now adds to this by suggesting that contact should have been “clearer,” on this issue, indicating not only that previous communication was attempted, but also that we are too senile to understand plain English in our 70s.

An apology will be enough.

GG, Wilton, WiltshireYour card reveals that the developer has tried to shear off a flower bed that surrounds your front yard. It’s their efforts to dispute the undeniable that are so infuriating.

It says: “We have apologized after one of our outside workers mistakenly attempted to alter a half-foot of land to support his neighbor’s driveway. The work was not started and no land was taken or altered.” This is contradictory to the clarification you were given. This is contrary to the explanation.

And the fact that the job stopped because it was avoided by you.

You also say that you’ve never got an apology. Your garden is still intact; this shabby case has destroyed the image of Redrow. If you need assistance, e-mail [email protected]

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