Purchasing waterfront land for residential development by Sandy and James Easdale


On Cardross Lane, just outside Dumbarton, entrepreneurs Sandy and James Easdale acquired a “sprawling waterfront site” The site’s expected expansion takes their construction projects to more than £ 400 million in total.

The site of the former St. Michael’s Primary School, less than a mile west of the town center of Dumbarton, was bought by the brothers through broker JLL for an undisclosed amount and will pave the way for a residential development of £ 30 million.

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The Local Development Plan for West Dunbartonshire calls for residential development on the 13-acre property, with a new proposal to be presented in due course.

An initial preliminary design requires about 100 houses, including single-family homes, duplex homes and family townhomes.

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The site’s final plans will be produced by planning specialist Barton Willmore next year.

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“Sandy Easdale said, “For some time, the site has been planned for development and we are pleased to have secured the acquisition and begin the renovation process. The site has a fantastic position overlooking the Clyde Estuary and we know that there is a high demand for high-quality West Dunbartonshire residential land.

“We now have more than £400 million of residential and commercial property in the pipeline and we expect to make further acquisitions shortly.”

“James Easdale said, “Planning permission for our Glenrothes site has already been granted and we expect to soon be in a similar role in Spango Valley. Over the last several years, we have formed relationships with leading housebuilders on these projects and that will prove invaluable as we look to grow this site.

“This year has been a huge shock to the economy, but Sandy and I remain very optimistic that the recovery will be swift. While others are shying away from investment, we’re looking for new opportunities in both construction and transportation and are ready to move forward with projects like Cardross.”


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