Prime hoggets hit the lowest trading rate of the season in Lanark


Via Neale McQuistin

Yesterday, Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 26 prime and 49 cast cattle in Lanark.

Sold at 248p/kg or £ 1500, Prime heifers. The highest prices of cast beef cattle were £ 1,365 and 173p/kg, while cast dairy cows sold for £ 825 and 117p.

The worst trade so far this season was seen by a smaller display of 2,053 prime hoggets, due to winter conditions and a larger number selling in the run-up to Christmas. For Beltex, sales peaked at £ 136 and 318p/kg to generate an overall average of 241p.

With all classes remaining costly, a smaller show of 969 whelped ewes was a good show for strength and consistency. For Texels, the top price was 198 pounds and 79 pounds for Blackfaces.

Yesterday, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd sold at St Boswells 49 clean sheep, 34 suckler cows, 674 prime lambs and 228 ewes. A heavy trade, which was especially fierce for cattle with handy weights, was met with clean cattle.

At 242 pence/kg, eight prime steers sold and averaged 218 pence (n/c), while 41 prime heifers topped 247 pence and averaged 225 pence (+5 pence).

Thrown cows sold for £ 1492 and £ 199 twice, and £ 142 (+£ 1) on average.

For Beltex lambs, Prime hoggets sold for 120 and 269 pence/kg and averaged 233 pence (+11 pence) and 104 pence (+10 pence) respectively overall. Strong ewes sold for Texel ewes at a peak price of £ 147 and averaged £ 104 (+ £ 16), whereas light ewes for Cheviots sold at a top price of £ 117 and averaged £ 74 (- £ 3).

Yesterday at Carlisle, the company also sold 13 prime heifers, peaking at 246p/kg and settling at 209p (+20p), while 12 beef cattle steers sold at 235p and settled at 212p (+11p). Three dairy cattle steers sold for 165 pence and had an average of 162 pence.

Twenty-nine young beef bulls were 236 pence and 198 pence on average (-11 pence), while 18 young dairy bulls sold at 185 pence and 163 pence on average (-35 pence).

100 caste dairy cows sold at 156 pence in the rough ring and averaged 106 pence (+5 pence), while 26 caste beef cows had a high of 208 pence and an average of 135 pence (+8 pence). At 146p/kg, four caste bulls sold and 116p averaged.

This week, a smaller demonstration of 1,081 prime lambs sold at £ 128 and 310p/kg and averaged 244p/kg (+6p). 51 heavy ewes with a Beltex reached a top price of £ 140 and an average of £ 99 (-£ 7) in the sheep section, while 15 mountain ewes with a Swaledale reached a top price of £ 56 and an average of £ 47 (+£ 8).

Yesterday, Craig Wilson Ltd sold 850 Prime Hoggets and 196 Cast Sheep at Ayr. A small number, averaging 240p/kg, of the prime hoggets traded well. Beltex, which sold for £123 or 280p, topped the deal.

In cattle, the trend of last week, with low numbers and strong trade, persisted. Ewes for Texel crosses peaked at £ 139, while Blackface ewes sold for £ 72.


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