Premium Bonds prize draw results for September 2021 were revealed today; see if you won £1 million.


Premium Bonds prize draw results for September 2021 were revealed today; see if you won £1 million.

The specifics of the PREMIUM BONDS jackpot were revealed today, as NS&I made two more people millionaires in the United Kingdom. The winners for September are from Shropshire and Bristol.

Every month, Premium Bond holders have the chance to win a £1 million jackpot prize, and the September winners were announced today. Both of this month’s millionaires invested £30,000 and live in Shropshire and Bristol, respectively.

With a bond acquired in October 2006, a man from Shropshire won one of the £1 million jackpots.

116WA622775 is the winning bond number.

A woman from Bristol also became a billionaire after purchasing a winning bond in October 2003.

84FM963618 is her winning bond number.

Of all, millionaire payouts aren’t the only thing Premium Bonds may give you.

The prize money for September was over £93 million, with over 3.2 million awards available.

Other high-value winners’ names have also been revealed, with prizes worth up to £100,000 still available.

Users can check on their Premium Bonds via NS&I’s prize checker, which can be available on their website or through their app, and the service will be fully updated with September’s prizes by tomorrow, September 2, 2021.

Savers will need to use their holder’s number to check on their accounts.

These can be obtained by logging onto a person’s NS&I account or looking at their Bond record.

The number of a holder is made up of eight, nine, or ten digits followed by a letter.

Only the Premium Bonds prize checker app can be used with a distinct NS&I number.

If a person has an NS&I number, it will appear on nearly all of the company’s communications.

The first 11 digits of an NS&I number will either be an 11, 21, 31, or 41.

If a Bond holder wins, they can have the money deposited straight into their bank account or an NS&I Direct Saver account.

Furthermore, customers will be able to reinvest their winnings into new Premium Bonds.

If a Bond holder wins, NS&I will normally notify them via text or email.

Prizes can also be sent via check, although this will take longer.

Holders can modify how prizes are delivered by calling NS&I at 08085 007 007.

Additionally, for complete information and guidance on all Premium Bonds issues, visit NS&I’s website.


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