Premium Bonds: How to Increase Your “Chances of Winning” Before the September NS&I Draw


Premium Bonds: How to Increase Your “Chances of Winning” Before the September NS&I Draw

Only a few days remain until the September 2021 Premium Bond results are released, and National Savings and Investment (NS&I) has highlighted how the British public can boost their “chance of winning” before the final draw.

Premium Bonds, which were first introduced by NS&I in the 1950s, are popular savings accounts among many Britons.

Premium Bonds deposits are 100 percent secured from any potential harm because they are backed by the government.

This account allows savers to withdraw and deposit funds at any time, but interest is set by a monthly prize draw.

A prize of £1 million, £100,000, £50,000, or £25,000 is among the greatest amounts that can be won through this prize draw.

Premium Bonds now have a one percent interest rate, however this could alter depending on the state of the economy.

The Premium Bonds award winners are revealed at the beginning of each month, with the next winners notified on September 2, 2021.

Many Britons will be seeking advice and instruction on how to improve their chances of winning before the results are announced by NS&I.

Savers can purchase £1 Premium Bonds, with each bond having an equal chance of winning. According to this method, the more items a person purchases, the better their chances become. However, Britons should not spend more than they can afford.

The minimum bond that can be held is £17 as of February 2019, however savers can acquire up to £50,000 if they wish.

The winning numbers for the NS&I lottery are chosen by a system called the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment, or ERNIE for short.

Typically, only two Premium Bonds account holders per month win the lottery’s £1 million jackpot.

Many people seek guidance from NS&I in order to improve their chances of winning one of the few jackpots available.

The NS&I does provide some help to individuals wanting to win, thanks to the financial institution’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage.

One of the most often asked questions about Premium Bonds at NS&I is if bonds purchased close to the draw have a higher chance of winning.

Many people wonder why the bulk of winning Premium Bonds were purchased around the turn of the 2000, despite the fact that the prize draw is considerably older.

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