Premium Bonds chances are explained when a lady wins £1 million with “one of the tiniest ever holdings.”


Premium Bonds chances are explained when a lady wins £1 million with “one of the tiniest ever holdings.”

The National Savings and Investments (NS&I) has announced massive Premium Bond winners for the month of August. Could you be the next person to win the lottery?

Both new Premium Bonds winners, from Devon and Wales, became millionaires for the month. The winner from Devon, who was the first to be selected, had £1,001 in Premium Bonds, making her a millionaire with one of the smallest winning holdings ever.

404KX510146 was her first Bond number.

Only 12 other millionaires have won the prize with a holding less than the Devon winner out of the previous 426 millionaires.

The woman was only the thirteenth successful draw that was qualified to do so when she was purchased in July 2020.

The second jackpot winner had £10,051 in Premium Bonds with the Bond number 202ZQ082477, and the winning Bond was an automatically reinvested award from a previous Premium Bonds prize win in March 2013.

What are your odds of winning large on Premium Bonds in the future, on the other hand?

The annual Premium Bonds prize fund rate is now one percent, with the odds of each individual bond number winning any prize being 34,500 to one.

A total of 3,231,548 prizes totaling £92,906,925 have been handed out to happy winners in this month’s prize draw.

Sunak has warned that the triple lock must be removed from the state pension system.

There are presently 111,488,327,613 bond numbers eligible for the draw.

So far in August, five winners have won a total of £100,000, while 11 others have won a £50,000 jackpot.

Around 532 million prizes for a total of £22 billion have been drawn since the inaugural draw in 1957.

Jill Waters, the NS&I’s Retail Director, stressed that these new wins demonstrate how the Premium Bonds game treats all investors equally.

“We are incredibly happy for our two winners in Devon and Wales,” Mr Waters added.

“The winner from Devon demonstrates that no matter how much Premium Bonds you own, you can always win the £1 million jackpot.

“What the magic of Premium Bonds is all about is that each and every £1 Bond has an equal chance.

“A Bond that was reinvested from a reward win in March 2013 scooped the jackpot for our winner from Wales.

“Winners can choose to have any awards they receive directly deposited into their bank accounts or reinvested into more Premium Bonds.

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