PIP: If you have certain medical problems, you may be eligible to thousands of dollars in back pay.


PIP: If you have certain medical problems, you may be eligible to thousands of dollars in back pay.

Following an important ruling on the benefit, claimants of the PERSONAL INDEPENDENCE PAYMENT (PIP) may be entitled to a large sum in past payments.

PIP is intended to assist people who require additional assistance due to a long-term health condition or disability. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is in charge of the fund, which can assist Britons with day-to-day expenses. However, due to a change in the law, some PIP recipients may be eligible for further support in the form of backdated payments.

The government has already begun processing these payments, with around £18 million already distributed to families who have been affected.

In legal instances, it was determined that the DWP did not grant the correct number of points to those with mental illnesses.

Those who required assistance in interacting with others face to face were particularly affected.

While the majority of PIP claims were accurate, there were a few occasions when an award was incorrectly computed.

And the Department for Work and Pensions is taking steps to help people who are affected.

According to the website Benefits and Work, one claimant was able to recover £12,000 in back payments.

He was able to get the money after requesting that the Department look into his case and holding a hearing.

But what kinds of conditions might be affected, and who might benefit?

Benefits and Work also identified circumstances in which persons are likely to receive a return payment.

These are the following:

Citizens Advice noted that while the DWP has written to those who are affected, it’s possible that some people have gone unnoticed.

As a result, the agency has advised that anyone who believes they have been impacted contact the Department directly.

People who are 16 or older and have not yet achieved state pension age are eligible for PIP.

They must also have a physical or mental illness or handicap that requires them to:

PIP is divided into two components, with the severity of a person’s disease determining whether they receive one or both.

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The payment, on the other hand, is tax-free and unaffected by a person’s income or savings.

The first item is the weekly cost of living, which is either £60.00 or £89.60.

The mobility component’s weekly payment is either. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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