Pensioners face ‘freezing to death’ as a result of ‘backbreaking bills,’ prompting a ‘national emergency.’


Pensioners face ‘freezing to death’ due to ‘backbreaking bills,’ prompting a ‘national emergency.’

MILLIONS of households in the UK are struggling to pay ‘backbreaking bills’ as energy prices rise, with some families being asked to come up with an extra £160 per month.

The shocking news comes after Age UK warned this week that unless the government takes immediate action, pensioners will ‘freeze to death.’

Age UK declared the situation a “national emergency” on Good Morning Britain today.

For the past few months, rising energy bills have dominated the headlines, but campaigners are now concerned that things are reaching a crisis point for millions of households.

People on the state pension are the hardest hit, because they typically spend more money on heating during the cold winter months.

Age UK’s head of policy, Chris Brooks, believes it is critical that the government put something in place as soon as possible.

“If they can’t afford to turn on the heat, they have to choose between staying warm and cutting back on other necessities like food,” he explained.

Former Pensions Minister Ros Altmann demanded action earlier this week, saying it’s a matter of life and death.

“The issue for retirees is that being unable to keep warm costs lives,” she explained.

“We’re not just talking about a financial crunch here; we’re talking about health problems or death.”

Last year, the wholesale cost of gas increased sixfold, against a backdrop of rising inflation, leaving older people on fixed incomes struggling to make ends meet.

Not only the elderly are struggling to pay their bills; Natasha and Gary Waterhouse told Good Morning Britain that their monthly gas bill had increased by £160.

The couple from Moreton in Derbyshire used to have good jobs, but due to ill health, they have had to stop working and rely on Universal Credit.

“I need the heat for my legs,” Natasha said.

I get spasms if there isn’t enough heat.”

“The gas is what’s affected by those bills,” Gary added, crying. “On top of that, we have electricity that’s on a pre-pay meter, and we have to pay for that no matter what.”

“We have to choose which bill we can pay because Natasha’s equipment is reliant on it,” he continued, “but unfortunately electricity is the priority.”

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