Parents are being urged to act after a single mother won £5,000 – ‘Never give up!’


Parents are being urged to act after a single mother won £5,000 – ‘Never give up!’

After a single mother won £5,000, parents are being advised to act – ‘Never give up!’

CHILD MAINTENANCE RECIPIENTS are being urged to take action to ensure they are getting the right amount of help after one parent received a £5,000 payout.

The agreement between two separated parents to look for their child is known as child maintenance. In most cases, one parent who does not have major caring responsibilities pays the other parent who is in charge of the child’s day-to-day care. While many parents are capable of handling the problem on their own, there may be occasions when further assistance is required.

When one parent refuses or is unable to pay Child Maintenance, this is the most usual scenario.

At this stage, the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) may intervene to take additional steps to address the situation.

This was true in the case of a single mother who was having difficulty receiving payment from the other parent of her children.

She went to the Child Maintenance Service, frustrated, to try to work out a plan and collect the money owed to her children.

After a four-year inquiry and court struggle, the woman in issue obtained a £5,000 compensation.

“After a long legal battle, my children are finally getting the money to which they are due – never give up,” the receiving parent added.

“By sharing my story, I hope to inspire others to use this service.”

As a result, single parents may be able to take advantage of the service when it is needed.

The Child Maintenance Service can assist separated parents who have been unable to reach an agreement on their own in setting payments.

The CMS can collect money from one parent and distribute it to the other on a predetermined timetable and for a specific sum in many cases.

This is crucial in terms of preserving financial stability in order to support the children who have been harmed.

Furthermore, the CMS can make agreements for the parents not to communicate with one another.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWPBaroness )’s Stedman-Scott offered more insight on the topic of child maintenance.

“Last year, the CMS stepped in to help youngsters in the United Kingdom secure nearly £1 billion,” she said.

“In the first quarter of this year, their efforts resulted in an additional £249 million for British children.

According to Brinkwire Summary News, “half of separated families do not have a plan in place.”


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