One in ten households will face financial difficulties this winter as a result of the rising cost of living.


One in ten households will face financial difficulties this winter as a result of the rising cost of living.

Citizens Advice research has indicated that 3.2 million households are struggling in the run-up to Christmas due to increased living costs.

To see how easily families might meet their outgoings, the charity matched average income statistics with the rising cost of household staples such as rent, heating bills, and food. According to the findings, even on a shoestring budget, one out of every ten households would struggle to cover all of their essential expenses. Even if they were able to cover their expenses, 380,000 people would have less than £50 left over each month, leaving them vulnerable if they were confronted with an unexpected surprise. Citizens Advice Chief Executive Dame Clare Moriarty urged the government to intervene before matters worsened.

“We’re all seeing our costs go up,” she continued, “but for those on the tightest budgets, there’s simply nothing left to cut down on.”

“Many people are sliding into debt and discovering that crisis assistance, such as food banks, is the only option to stay afloat.””

In order to generate stronger wage growth, Lalitha Try, a researcher at think tank the Resolution Foundation, proposed that more effort be put in to “strengthen the UK’s stuttering economic recovery.”

“While some workers may receive generous wage raises from companies keen to hire new employees, everyone will be stung by quick increases in the cost of living this winter,” she said, “with rising energy costs likely to be a particular source of stress.”

Citizens Advice conducted a separate study, which indicated that nearly half of all low-income people are concerned about paying their expenses this winter.

In order to save money, one out of every five people polled said they had cut back on their grocery shopping or used less heating in the previous three months.

Advice to Citizens Aasia Majid, a Manchester adviser, said the charity was receiving an increasing number of calls from people whose income was stable but who were struggling owing to increased costs.

She continued, ” “It’s a choice of which bill to ignore each month, a choice between eviction and being disconnected.

“I met with one man who said the situation is so severe that he sleeps in three sweaters while lying on the sofa with his dog.”

After receiving assistance from the nonprofit, one of the men it helped quit his career as an engineer. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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