‘Not all victors are created equal.’ Agent Million explains how Premium Bonds are distributed.


‘Not all victors are created equal.’ Agent Million explains how Premium Bonds are distributed.

PREMIUM BONDS are poised to be drawn again in a month, but NS&I has revealed how prize winners are informed of their good fortune.

Premium Bonds are a popular way to save since they provide people the chance to win £1 million every month. Each prize draw results in the creation of two millionaires, with a number of other winners receiving NS&I rewards. Britons will hope their number is drawn for the huge, potentially life-changing reward in each prize draw.

What happens, though, if a person is lucky enough to win the £1 million prize?

Agent Million, the anonymous NS&I worker who will inform Britons of their victory, will pay them a visit.

As a result, NS&I cannot share too much about its processes without jeopardizing the security of its winners.

When speaking exclusively to This website, Agent Million did provide some insight.

“We can’t have anyone knowing who’s walking up the driveway and why they’re doing it,” they stated.

“However, my job as Agent Million is to go out every month and give the news to the jackpot winners, informing them of their £1 million win.”

Anyone could win the award because the lucky winners are chosen at random by the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment (ERNIE).

However, actually alerting the people about their victory is a different story.

NS&I uses a customized approach to verify that the necessary techniques of dealing with the win are used.

“We analyze every one of our award winners before to delivery to identify the specific approach,” Agent Million stated.

“Not all of our winners are the same, so we have to take into account a variety of things.

“For example, we must consider the customer’s location and age.

“A winner over the age of 65 is more likely to be at home during the day, which influences when Agent Million calls.

“However, working-age clients are unlikely to arrive home until the evening.

“In that case, we’ll have to wait until then to decide when we’ll go.”

The prize checker, according to NS&I, is the easiest way for people to find out if they’ve won a prize.

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