Nicola Sturgeon “must recognize” that the relationship between the Scottish government and business is impaired, Stuart Patrick, president of the Glasgow Chamber, warns.



The chief executive of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce has said that NICOLA Sturgeon must admit that the relationship between the Scottish Government and industry has deteriorated dramatically since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and resolve this.

“I think the Scottish government is facing the challenge that a large part of the business community is concerned that the Scottish government does not trust the business community. That attitude is reaching a level that is being reciprocated.”I think the Scottish government faces the challenge. The attitude reaches a level that is being reciprocated.

“There is sometimes a raw anger about the way the business perspective is dismissed in the debate in Scotland.”There is also a raw anger about how in the debate in Scotland the business perspective is dismissed.

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Asked to what degree business perceptions have shifted in the last nine months towards the Scottish government, Patrick replied, “Significantly.”

He said, “I think there has been a certain amount of modest respect between business and government. I don’t think this government is anti-business per se. It doesn’t automatically talk about the economic and business issues as its top priority. This [current situation]has absolutely confirmed that.”

“There’s been a tendency to [see]them as the lowest priority.”There has been a tendency to [see]them as the lowest priority.

Regarding the Scottish government’s view of firms, Mr. Patrick said, “There is a degree to which it varies by sector and size.”

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“The smaller businesses, the entrepreneurial community, has always been a little less shy about making their views known.”

“This can’t be where we want to be if we want to create a partnership to build the economy.” he said of the present relationship between business and the Scottish government.

“I think the First Minister needs to recognize that the relationship is not what it should be,” Patrick said. Over the last seven or eight months, it has been affected. There needs to be awareness that this happened, and to restore it, we need to do something.

Asked what could be done to resolve the problems in the relationship between business and the Scottish government, Patrick stressed his opinion that a shift in the attitude of politicians towards business needs to be “first and foremost”.

He objected, in particular, to what he saw as the common view among some politicians that it is a bad thing to make a profit. Patrick clarified that to create private sector jobs, profitability is important.

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“He said, “The words I’ve seen used -‘ it’s more about benefit over lives.’ I just have a problem when that kind of rhetoric comes out of the mouth of a politician. Without profitability, we can’t have jobs in the private sector.’

“Patrick added, “Often it seems like the government teaches on fair labor and the green economy to the business community, as if the business community were a bunch of naughty schoolchildren who need to be put in their place. Basically, the problems of equal labor and the green economy can be addressed mainly by private sector innovation.


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