Niantic and FinTech ‘Fold’ Created a Bitcoin AR Game in Which the Price is the Top Cryptocurrency.


Niantic and FinTech firm ‘Fold’ collaborated on a Bitcoin augmented reality game in which the top cryptocurrency is the price.

Niantic and “Fold,” a FinTech debit card company, have released “Fold AR,” an augmented reality (AR) game that focuses on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

The game is not an NFT title, but rather one that circulates on Bitcoin and earns the top cryptocurrency with its offering, allowing people to profit.

The Bitcoin AR Game from Niantic and Fold.

With its newly released application “Fold AR,” Niantic and Fold are entering the world of “play-to-earn” games. Fold AR is a Bitcoin-based game that can earn the top cryptocurrency while also incorporating augmented reality.

The goal of the game is to travel to various locations and complete challenges in order to earn the most valuable crypto coin.

According to Fold’s press release, the game looks a lot like Niantic’s popular AR game “Pokemon GO,” but instead of being about Japanese creatures, it has other elements.

Furthermore, the goal of the Bitcoin game is to integrate the offline and online worlds while earning money.

Niantic, the Creator of Pokemon Go

What exactly is ‘Fold AR?’

Niantic and Fold’s take on the metaverse is called “Fold AR,” and it’s something the company plans to release soon, with the latest crypto-gaming app as one of its main focuses.

Niantic’s entry into the metaverse is significant, especially because it focuses on introducing a new breed of virtual world, competing with Meta’s Oculus.

The National Football League vs. the National Football League vs. the National Football League

AR Fold

People have flocked to NFT games for a unique combination of gaming and entertainment, which has become increasingly popular in recent years and has become the primary source of income for some.

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT games right now, and it’s where people choose to spend their time and build their careers.

Most NFT games are play-to-earn, but because they are distinct from other types of blockchain games, there aren’t many titles that are known for being cryptocurrency games.

The focus of “Fold AR” differs from that of the others, especially given that most well-known crypto games use the Ethereum blockchain, which is the industry standard.

“Fold AR” once more.

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