Next week, call us back’: E.ON customers angry about service glitch


The distribution networks of UK electricity suppliers struggle and many customers do not top up their pre-pay cards

After its customer service channels were shut down for weeks following a major billing mistake that left millions of customers empty-handed before Christmas, thousands of E.ON UK customers accused the energy supplier of overlooking them after its customer service channels were shut down for weeks. During the coldest winter on record, many customers were unable to top up their pre-pay energy meters or contact the supplier to set up payment plans after being The customer service department of the provider has requested clients to “call us back next week” unless their request is an emergency, and after a flood of reports from clients who were wrongly billed twice in the last month, its website and app have now crashed. As of Thursday afternoon, after the company demanded an extra monthly direct debit from customers in the days leading up to Christmas, many customers have still not earned refunds, plunging customers into unplanned overdrafts. Customers have taken to social media to alert that many would be left without lights and heat if they do not apply credits to their electrical meters online or request credits “The problems are much bigger than just the direct debit debacle,”The concerns are much greater than just the direct debit debacle. They haven’t replied to the phone since December 22, they haven’t responded to the [webchat]messenger, they haven’t answered an email.

Where the prepayment cards did not operate, customers were without electricity.

I tried to make a payment plan because this was the third time I was without electricity, couldn’t talk to anyone, and got an email at the door today threatening debt collectors. A spokesperson for energy regulator Ofgem said it was important for suppliers to ensure that their customers “can get in touch with them quickly if something goes wrong.”


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