New clients can get a £100 cashback from HSBC. to see whether you’re eligible


New clients can get a £100 cashback from HSBC. to see whether you’re eligible

With interest rates at historic lows, HSBC is offering £100 cash back to Britons who open a new investment with the bank.

HSBC is a well-known name among savers, but it also offers investing opportunities, which have lately been endorsed by a number of specialists. With interest rates so low, investment offers Britons the opportunity to possibly grow their money while also minimizing their risk. With this latest inducement, HSBC appears to be encouraging the idea of investing even more.

Customers who open a Global Investment Centre (GIC) account with the bank will be eligible for the £100 cash back incentive.

To be eligible for the cash back offer, individuals must invest a minimum of £4,000 within 30 days.

These types of accounts, however, must be opened by an HSBC customer who has a current account or a Flexible Saver account with the bank.

Investing can be done in a variety of ways, including ISAs, mutual funds, and stocks.

Britons will have to determine which option is best for them and conduct study to confirm this.

HSBC refers to the Global Investment Centre as their online fund platform.

HSBC UK’s head of wealth management, James Hewitson, offered his thoughts on the subject.

“Since the lockdown began, almost £200 billion has been saved,” he claimed.

“While we’re all itching to spend now that the limits have been lifted, consumers should think about how they might make their money work harder for them.

“Investing can truly help you increase your money if you have a three- to six-month emergency fund and can afford to put aside at least £50 a month.

“To get you started, we’ll give you £100 in cash just in time for summer.”

“This may go toward a long-overdue visit to see a friend or relative, a supper at your favorite restaurant, or even a rainy day fund.”

To be able to invest, a person must meet specific conditions, according to HSBC.

Britons must have a minimum investment of £100, be at least 18 years old, and reside in the United Kingdom.

Individuals must also be current or savings account customers of HSBC, with the exception of the Online Bonus Saver and the Fixed Rate Saver.

Finally, a person cannot be a US citizen, according to “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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