NEOM is in the mood to expand in the United States and China, thanks to its success in supercharging the wellbeing market.


NEOM is in the mood to expand in the United States and China after supercharging the wellness market.

This year is shaping up to be a big one for UK wellness brand NEOM and its aromatherapy-based products, with the company launching 100 pop-up hubs in US stores, launching its first haircare range next month, and looking to expand into the Far East.

The omnichannel, digital-first company has become a barometer for post-pandemic consumer priorities, with sales nearly doubling to £29 million in 2020.

Last year, its natural home fragrance, body, and skincare ranges grew by nearly 50% thanks to hubs in Selfridges and John Lewis, as well as digital partners like FeelUnique.

95% of these are made in the UK with sustainable packaging, and the company is nearing the end of its B Corps application, which recognizes companies that balance profit with people and the environment.

NEOM, based in Harrogate, has been supercharging customers and their busy lives since 2005, when it was founded by financial services expert Oliver Mennell and former Glamour magazine journalist Nicola Elliott.

“NEOM sits at the intersection of well-being, beauty, and lifestyle,” says chief executive Mennell, with products that help them stress less, feel better, have more energy, and sleep peacefully.

That’s where we see a market gap, and when the structural shift to online occurred, we were well positioned.

“We use aromatherapeutic ingredients that have been scientifically validated, as well as natural and organic ingredients when possible.”

Our fragrances are made entirely of natural ingredients.

While it has become easier for us to develop formulations, other non-wellness brands are finding it difficult to make the switch to natural when their fragrances are all synthetic.

They can’t match the aromas and textures that our customers are used to.

“We want to help people improve their overall health over time by incorporating small, manageable steps into their daily lives.”

Every January, we publish a wellbeing edit that promotes a wide range of products, not just our own.

We’re now at the forefront of developing the wellbeing product category, which we refer to as the fifth pillar of beauty.”

That’s a $1 trillion global market, and Brits are expected to spend around £500 per person on wellbeing this year.

NEOM’s high street ranges are built around good value and function, which are achieved through product innovation and flexible development.

“Everything is in order because we pay close attention to our customers.”

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