Naughty Boy of I’m a Celeb slams fellow campmates as “fake” outside the Clink.


Naughty Boy of I’m a Celeb slams fellow campmates as “fake” outside the Clink.

Outside the Clink, Naughty Boy from I’m a Celeb slams fellow campmates as “fake.”

During a rant about his fellow celebrities, whom he labeled as “fake,” music producer Naughty Boy threatened to leave the show, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Inside the I’m a Celebrity… set, tensions were rising.

DJ Naughty Boy called his fellow campmates “fake” on Get Me Out of Here! Castle.

The music producer expressed his displeasure with being chosen to compete in the Treacherous Traps challenge as well as a Bushtucker trial against Snoochie Shy on Tuesday’s episode of the hit reality show.

He admitted that he was considering leaving the show instead of reuniting with his fellow campmates in the main camp on Wednesday.

As he caught up with the other celebs inside the Clink, he admitted that he couldn’t fake “love” for the contestants in the rival camp after they sent him to the trial.

“There is no love” between the celebs in the main camp and those who have spent the last few nights in the dungeon, the 36-year-old claimed.

“You’re reading too much into this,” Richard Madeley reassured him as he broached the subject of his departure from the show.

“I know you keep saying, ‘I didn’t,’ but you did exceptionally well today.”

“You’re missing my point,” retorted the music sensation.

Nobody has ever attempted both a trial and a challenge on the same day.

“Please, no one understands how I’m feeling right now.”

Danny Miller from Emmerdale added, “We’re just trying to build your confidence, mate.”

We’re not trying to put you down.

“Well, it’s not working,” he said as he prepared to face the terrifying challenge.

Naughty Boy told his fellow campmates after returning empty-handed from his trial, “Honestly guys, I tried my hardest.”

“And that’s all you can do!” Danny exclaimed after winning last night’s Dreaded Diner trial.

After another disappointing round, the producer stated that he “has a feeling” that his time on the show is coming to an end, adding, “I do believe my time here is done.”

“I had a feeling earlier and I was thinking about mum and obviously I love you guys – I don’t think the Main Camp realized what they were putting me through knowing I had done the challenge earlier – I’m not sure I could do it.”

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