My gift card at Currys just didn’t last,


I posted two online orders in July and paid with gift cards.

Both were canceled without warning shortly afterwards and I was informed that my gift cards would be refunded within eight weeks. I am still broke, despite persistent promises.

Had I paid by credit card, under the Consumer Credit Act, I might have lodged a lawsuit.

If I had paid via PayPal, I would have been equally covered.

But I can’t get any support because I used gift cards, and I’m beginning to think that I may never get my £ 150 back.

My pay has been decreased by 25%, so I could do with it. CD, London You raise an interesting point, particularly when many companies face an uncertain future. The cards were part of your employer’s benefit service that entitled you to discounted gift cards.

Many people at Christmas would have taken advantage of similar services to distribute the load. However, if the intended retailer goes out of business, gift cards will become useless and, as you mentioned, there is no insurance if an order is not fulfilled, even if the company you choose is not in trouble. This form of payment is not limited, so there is no clear compensation whilst you are entitled to the goods or services under the Consumer Rights Act. It was not until I contacted Currys that, plus a goodwill surcharge, the company apologised and released new gift cards of the same value. “This is not the standard of customer service we expect of ourselves,” it said. A one-time technical glitch was the problem that resulted in the gift cards not being immediately refunded.”The issue that resulted in the gift cards not being immediately refunded was a one-time technical glitch.”

If you buy gift cards worth more than £ 100, aim to get the balance on a single card and pay with a credit card, and if things go wrong, you’re safe, assuming it’s not bought from a third-party vendor such as a store. If you need assistance, contact [email protected]

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