‘Money that can change your life!’ A shocked family discovers how to save nearly £11,000 in a year.


‘Money that can change your life!’ A shocked family discovers how to save nearly £11,000 in a year.

SECRET SPENDERS returned to television last evening, with host Anita Rani assisting Helen, a mother of two from Southampton, in confronting her husband Andy’s spending habits.

After investigating their overspending patterns, Secret Spenders assists cash-strapped families in getting a financial makeover. In the most recent episode of the Channel 4 show, a wife tries to stop her husband from making frequent deliveries, which causes them to lose money. Many people are all too acquainted with the adrenaline that online buying can bring, and with many stores closed due to lockdown, more people are likely to fall into spending traps.

Helen and Andy Patten live comfortably in Southampton, but Helen was fed up with her husband’s extravagant spending, particularly on pricey movie-related antiques.

Despite having a solid monthly salary of around £4,500, the couple frequently found themselves with nothing left over when it came to taking stock of their finances.

Helen described the family as “impulsive and reckless,” with no money set aside for unexpected expenses, but she added that they were eager to make their incomes work for them.

The family spent £1,200 on online shopping just last month, and they previously took out a £20,000 loan for a camper van that they haven’t used since.

The Secret Spenders crew kept a close eye on the situation and looked into how the family spent money.

Expensive shopping trips, pricy takeout, and a collection of memorabilia were just a few of the family’s spending habits.

Thankfully, Anita had a top-notch team on hand in the form of financial advisor Emmanuel Asuquo and lifestyle expert Anna Whitehouse to assist the pair.

The duo immediately started to work on addressing some of the bad financial habits that many Britons have.

“You work so hard for your money,” Mr Asuquo explained, “you want to turn it around and make that money work for you.”

He discovered that while the family had £4,900 in income last month, they had £5,700 in outgoings.

The Patten family spent £1,000 a month on food, with Andy’s collectable hobby costing them hundreds of pounds, but Helen, although pointing the finger at her husband, had a large outlay as well.

Ms Whitehouse suggested selling old items online to get some extra cash because Helen spends £100 a month on quick fashion.

The family also stopped paying their £205 monthly rent. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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