MMA fighter is accused of biting his roommate’s testicles after an argument.


MMA fighter is accused of biting his roommate’s testicles after an argument.

In weird circumstances in Nashville, an amateur MMA fighter was arrested for reportedly biting his roommate’s testicles.

According to reports, amateur MMA fighter Donovan Salvato was jailed after reportedly biting his roommate’s testicles during a fight.

After the incident, Salvato was detained for 12 hours at the Metro Jail in Nashville, Tennessee.

Abel Sosa, the victim, had a 2.5-inch laceration on his scrotum, as well as a bleeding lip, head edema, and multiple bruises, according to police.

Salvato was charged with domestic abuse and bodily injury despite having a 3-1 record.

The quarrel allegedly erupted after a dispute about Salvato remaining at photographer Sosa’s address despite the fact that his name was not on the lease.

Salvato is accused of striking Sosa in the head and torso before chewing through his roommate’s clothes.

The MMA fighter, on the other hand, claimed that his roommate’s injuries were caused by males grappling in their living room and bumping into furniture.

Sosa has since taken to social media to express his gratitude for the incident.

“If you know this dude, do not trust your nuts around him,” Sosa wrote with a photo of Salvato on Instagram. “Literally, the evidence I will be utilizing in court is a piece of skin that he managed to take from my testicles.”

“On Veterans Day, I received three stitches and many injections at the VA hospital to prevent a dental infection from spreading. I should have enlisted in the Marine Corps and eyed the son of a b****. But [I] never threw a punch because I was so focused on retaining control. Victories are won by maintaining a calm demeanor.

“I feel compelled to write a book or something about some of the stories I’ve heard. Who can honestly declare that a professional MMA fighter bit their testicles during a fight? I’ll be patient….

“Nashville can be so wild that I’ve been in greater danger here than I have in other places.”

“Just know that if I do publish a book about my nuts being chewed, it will be one of those where the finish starts at the beginning with a replay so everyone can get a mouthful first take!” Sosa ended.

Sosa also quipped that he has “99 problems, one of which is my left nut.”

Salvato recently fought in July of last year, losing to Jamie Vasquez by decision at Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 8.


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