Martin Lewis outlines how you can save THOUSANDS of dollars on NHS prescription fees every year.


Martin Lewis outlines how you can save THOUSANDS of dollars on NHS prescription fees every year.

PRE-PAYMENT prescription cards can help Britons save money if they need a variety of prescriptions throughout the year, according to Martin Lewis, founder of Money Saving Expert.

Martin Lewis of BBC Radio 5 explained how the pre-payment certificate is a one-time payment of £108.10 for all prescriptions needed in the next 12 months.

“You can acquire a three-month one for £30.25, or a year-long one for £108.10,” he said of the pre-payment subscription certificate.

“Some people get three or four prescriptions a month for different ailments.”

“That covers all of your prescription costs for a year, regardless of how many you have.”

“People who, on average, utilize more than one prescription per month would benefit from a pre-payment prescription certificate.

“This effectively brings the annual cost of medicines down to £108.10.”

Pensioners are being asked to check out a little-known option to ‘ensure’ that their care bills will be covered. “If they aren’t entitled to it for free, the pre-payment prescription certificate is absolutely something worth checking into.”

“It can be backdated a little if somebody has gotten prescriptions recently.”

A prescription prepayment voucher can save a lot of money for a lot of people.

The amount of money saved with a prescription prepayment certificate is determined by how many medications must be paid for and how long they must be paid for. However, if a person pays for more than one medication every month, getting one will save them money.

“Nearly 90% of prescription goods are supplied free of charge at community pharmacies in England,” a spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Care said.

“Existing exemptions protect children, pregnant women, and anyone over 60 who are low-income or have medical illnesses like cancer, epilepsy, or diabetes.”

“Through the NHS Low Income scheme, patients with long-term conditions or on a low income can apply for a variety of prescription payment exemptions or additional support.”

On April 1, the NHS prescription charge increased by 20p to £9.35.

• The price of single prescription goods increased by 20p (2%), from £9.15 to £9.35.

• Prescription prepayment certificates for three months rose by 60p (2%), from £29.65 to £30.25.

• The price of 12-month prescription prepayment certificates increased by £2.10 (2%), from £105.90 to £108.

Older adults may need to think about the proposed changes to extend the free prescription age from 60 to 66. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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