Luisa Zissman, runner-up on The Apprentice, earns an eye-watering amount for each Instagram post.


The staggering sum earned by Apprentice runner-up Luisa Zissman for each Instagram post.

LUISA ZISSMAN came in second place in the 2013 series, but she was named the contestant with the highest social media earnings.

During her time on the show, Ms Zissman quickly became a fan favorite, and she narrowly lost to Leah Totton.

Ms Zissman has earned a high social status among the media and over £2,000 for each Instagram post by not being camera shy.

Ms. Zissman’s rapid rise to fame as a TV personality following her time on The Apprentice came as no surprise to many.

Her quick wit and outspokenness when it came to how people perceive her in the business world made her a fan favorite from the start.

She began her career as a retail entrepreneur when she was 16 years old, working as an estate agent on her days off.

She turned her hand to electronic data systems after graduating from high school and quickly realized she didn’t want to work for anyone else.

Opening a variety of businesses ranging from cupcake shops to selling electronics on eBay.

While Ms Zissman’s business and entrepreneurial skills are undeniable, she told Matt Edmondson’s Awkward Conversations on BBC One that she believes she lost the Apprentice because her competitors’ business plan was simply better.

“I’ve learned that it’s sometimes okay to just keep your mouth shut,” she said.

She also stated that being a runner-up was not the same as losing, and that she accepted it with grace.

She debuted on Celebrity Big Brother in 2014, finishing fourth, and has since appeared on numerous reality and talk shows, including Good Morning Britain and Loose Women.

Ms Zissman also walked away with a six-figure prize from her time on Celebrity Big Brother.

Ms. Zissman has also started her own podcast with Celebs Go Dating co-host Anna Williamson.

Her penchant for attracting media attention has paid off in the long run, as she is now the most powerful Apprentice contestant.

Ms. Zissman earns on average £2,470 per sponsored Instagram post to her 621,000 followers, according to research conducted by furniture retailer Bed Kingdom.

While it isn’t quite as much as the £250,000 investment Ms Zissman missed out on during The Apprentice, it is significantly more than Katie Hopkins, the second most influential contestant, who earns on average.

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