Lord Alan Sugar’s business associate has a characteristic that “sticks out” on resumes.


Lord Alan Sugar’s business associate has a characteristic that “sticks out” on resumes.

Carina Lepore, the winner of THE APPRENTICE 2019 and Lord Alan Sugar’s business partner, shared her advise for young people aspiring to be successful in business.

Carina Lepore is an excellent example of what can be accomplished when one has an entrepreneurial mentality. She won the 15th series of The Apprentice in 2019 and received a £250,000 investment from Lord Alan Sugar, with whom she formed a 50:50 partnership in the bakery Dough Artisan Bakehouse.

Ms Lepore gave advise to young people wishing to establish a business in an interview with GB News today.

Ms. Lepore did not attend university after graduating from high school, opting instead to enter the world of business.

“I took my A-levels at sixth form; I was extremely sort of hungry and focused at the time,” she said of her foray into business.

“From an early age, I had this desire to go out and earn my own money and start my own business.

“So I just went out and opened a business and ran car boot sales and markets on Sundays, and I just went with it.”

“It was a significant risk,” the entrepreneur remarked, “but I determined it was the right path for me.”

Many young people may believe that they must attend university after completing sixth form, but Ms Lepore emphasised that there are other options.

“For any young entrepreneurs with this spark and desire, if you get your findings today and aren’t sure what you want to pursue, there are other possibilities and routes,” she said.

“I’ve learned a lot about what I could have done and what young people can accomplish.

“For young individuals who want to make their own money and go out and work like I did, there are tremendous opportunities,” the entrepreneur stated.

Ms. Lepore discussed the stigma attached to persons who have not attended university and their employability in comparison to those who have.

“There may be a stigma associated with it, but I now have Lord Sugar as my mentor, and we both come from a background of graft and hard work,” Ms Lepore explained.

“Now, in my company, I’m the one who goes over the resumes and chooses who gets hired.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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