Lip filler migrates into a woman’s chin, but she insists she “can’t stop, won’t stop.”


Lip filler migrates into a woman’s chin, but she insists she “can’t stop, won’t stop.”

Ruzanna Smbatyan, a famous makeup artist, demonstrates how her lip fillers have moved in a TikTok video that has convinced some individuals to forego the treatment.

A glamorous woman demonstrates what occurs when lip filler “migrates,” and her video has caused some individuals to cancel their beauty appointments outright.

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“Tell me your lip fillers migrated without telling me your lip fillers migrated,” she says while filming herself with her phone. “I’ll take the lead.” “Mmm-mmm, you see that?” she says, zooming in on her face with a pout. Cool.” “That’s what you want,” Ruzanna quips as she turns her head in profile to reveal her lips.

Her video has been seen over 1.3 million times on the app, with some users reporting it turned them off and others believing the filler can easily be dissolved.

“Ok yay you convinced me against it,” one nervous spectator said.

“WOWWW I had JUST booked an appointment to get mine done,” a second person said.

“This was my cue to call it off.” Thank you for sharing this! “I was completely unaware of this.” Ruzanna goes on to claim that she doesn’t want her experiences to scare people away, and that it “doesn’t even look that horrible.”

“The main aim of the movie was not to prevent you from getting lip filler, it was just to demonstrate my lip filler moving,” she writes in the comments.

“Don’t be terrified of lip filler; it’s only for a short time.” It’s fine if it moves around on your face.

“You’ll make it. It will be dissolved by you. It doesn’t even appear to be that horrible.” “Just accept your natural lips, ladies, and stop complying to social beauty standards,” another person writes. Ruzanna responds, “Can’t stop, won’t stop.”

Other persons who have used lip filler indicate that it does not normally migrate if it is administered by a “doctor.”

Most dermal fillers used in the UK, according to the NHS, contain a natural material called hyaluronic acid.

It says to “avoid those who have only finished a brief training course” and to make sure your practitioner is insured in case something goes wrong.

According to the NHS, clogged blood arteries in the face are one of the most serious hazards, as they can induce tissue death and permanent blindness.


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