Last year, a woman shared the ‘amazing’ way she made £35,000.


Last year, a woman revealed how she earned £35,000 in an “amazing” way.

In 2022, Britons looking for ways to save or earn money may not have considered entering competitions as a means of increasing their earnings.

Even though it’s an unusual side hustle, it can be done from the comfort of one’s own home.

This website was told by a London woman how she saved £35,000 in just one year.

Blogger Di Coke told This website exclusively that she began entering competitions in the late 1990s.

“I wanted to go to music festivals but didn’t have a lot of money,” Di explains, “so I started entering postcard competitions in NME and Q Magazine.”

“I won a bunch of tickets to Glastonbury and Reading, as well as VIP backstage passes for my friends.”

After 25 years, she’s made a career out of comping, with her blog and a Facebook group where she helps others duplicate her good fortune.

Di has traveled to Iceland, New York, and Japan as a result of her hobby, and she hasn’t spent a penny.

“Whether it’s necessities like supermarket vouchers and gasoline, or luxuries like a five-star hotel stay or expensive perfume, my goal has always been to win things rather than buy them,” she said.

“Since I began comping 25 years ago, I’ve won an average of £13,000 in prizes per year, and I usually win two vacations each year.”

Di is still beaming after having her best year yet in 2021, when she won £35,000 thanks to a massive prize from Brewdog worth £25,000 alone.

Furthermore, anyone can make money in this manner, and Di is happy to assist others in doing so, though she emphasizes that it requires perseverance and dedication.

“I created SuperLucky to assist people in getting started with comping and to show them that it is a fun and inexpensive hobby.”

“Sometimes it feels like competitions have taken over my life, but it’s incredibly rewarding to assist people in winning their dream prizes – and to win my own dream prizes on occasion!”

“Even small victories excite me!”

Di has some great advice for others who want to try their hand at comping, including:

Add your postcode or go to to see what’s going on in your neighborhood.

She also suggests becoming a member of a comping community like Lucky Learners.

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