Jobs with the highest pay in 2022: Could you earn £60,000?


Could a £60,000 salary be yours in 2022?

APPROXIMATELY a quarter of workers intend to change jobs in the future, but which professions are paying well this year?

The year 2021 has been dubbed the “Year of the Great Resignation,” a movement that saw a record number of people resign and change jobs.

While some have been forced to do so as a result of the pandemic, others have chosen careers that are better suited to their lifestyle, more accommodating to their mental and physical health, or, most importantly, pay more.

Consumers are generally in poor financial shape, owing to record-high inflation and bottoming-out interest rates.

The bigger picture is unlikely to change in the near future as global economies begin to feel the impact and cost of COVID-19.

A large majority of people, on the other hand, have taken control of what they can change: moving to a higher-paying job.

This website has put together a list of the top five high-paying, in-demand jobs available right now.

Python is a programming language used to create websites, software, and automate tasks.

Python developers work on the back-end, or server-side, coding, designing, deploying, and debugging projects that regular customers will never notice unless they are done incorrectly.

In today’s world, almost every company needs a developer to either get online or keep their online presence up and running.

As cybercriminals and fraudsters become more sophisticated and realistic in their schemes, cyber security is becoming more important.

Cyber security specialists can work in a variety of fields, and with enough experience, they can earn up to £70,000.

Some businesses offer cyber security apprenticeships, which allow school graduates to get hands-on experience while also studying for a degree.

Regardless of the sector or industry, the majority of medium to large businesses require an HR department.

The HR director is in charge of all aspects of the department and is in charge of the company’s personnel, training strategy, policy development, onboarding of new employees, and department management.

HR departments often have a direct impact on a company’s operations and how it treats its employees or coworkers, with experienced HR directors in London earning over £100,000 per year.

In the business world, general counsels are essentially in-house legal teams.

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