‘It’s worth checking,’ says Martin Lewis, who assists savers in locating lost Premium Bonds prizes.


Martin Lewis assists savers in locating lost Premium Bond prizes, saying, “It’s worth checking.”

MARTIN LEWIS has urged savers to track down their Premium Bonds winnings this week, citing the fact that millions of prizes have yet to be claimed.

The Money Saving Expert explains how to track down these prizes.

On his Money Show last night, Martin Lewis warned that around two million Premium Bonds prizes have yet to be claimed.

This translates to a loss of around £74 million, but it’s not too late to recover these funds.

“In general, if your letter was misplaced or you haven’t updated your contact information but know your phone number, just go to the NSandamp;I website and see if you’ve won,” Martin said.

“If you don’t know your number, you can get a special reclaim number from NSandamp;I by filling out a form.”

Alternatively, you can go to mylostaccount.org.uk, which can help you locate any lost bank accounts or savings.

“If you think you may have had Premium Bonds at some point, it’s definitely worth checking.”

MoneySavingExpert.com revealed yesterday that it had seen data from NSandamp;I that revealed the locations of many of these Premium Bonds.

London and the South East account for over 700,000 of the 2,079,568 prizes that have yet to be claimed, while Scotland has over 120,000.

“The headline figure of £74 million is eye-catching, and hopefully it will serve as a kick up the backside for those who haven’t checked in a while whether they’ve won,” said Helen Saxon, banking editor at MoneySavingExpert.com.

“Many people find that the months leading up to Christmas cause financial havoc, so now is an excellent time to see if you’re due a windfall.”

“These are life-changing amounts of money for some due to larger prizes.”

So check now, and keep in mind (with apologies to the lottery) that it could be you!”

While Martin urged savers to locate their Premium Bonds today, the Money Saving Expert cautioned against placing too much faith in the prizes last week.

Martin covered Premium Bonds odds in last week’s episode.

“The prize fund with Premium Bonds is one percent,” he said.

As a result, you’d expect to win 1% of your annual investment.

The smallest prize is, of course, £25.

So if you have £100 in Bonds, you can’t win 1%; the best you can hope for is £25.

“That’s pretty much it.

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