‘It’s the best thing I’ve ever gotten for free.’ A woman is overjoyed after receiving a gift worth £369.


‘It’s the best thing I’ve ever gotten for free.’ A woman is overjoyed after receiving a gift worth £369.

SHARON CHEESEWRIGHT told us about how she had a fantastic freebie delivered right to her home.

Ms Cheesewright was given a brand new Shark vacuum cleaner valued £369 for free. She also offered some of her finest freebie, product, and bargain-hunting techniques.

Shark vacuum cleaners are now one of the most expensive cleaning appliances on the market, with single units costing hundreds of pounds.

So, how did Ms Cheesewright get one delivered to her home in Snodland, Kent, completely free of charge?

By product testing for Shark and sending them a simple email, she won the Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

And it appears that the adage “you don’t get what you don’t ask for” applies to Ms Cheesewright.

Ms Cheesewright told LatestFreeStuff.co.uk, “I seen the Shark hoovers promoted on TV earlier and thought they were really amazing.”

“So I thought I would email them to check if they offered product testing and if they wanted new reviewers,” she added, adding that she had used a Henry vacuum cleaner for years.

Ms Cheesewright visited the website and clicked on the product testing link.

She forgot about the whole thing after sending the email because she didn’t hear back for four weeks.

“I received an email four weeks later asking whether I was still interested in trying a product. All they asked was for me to do was write two reviews for the vacuum cleaner, and that was it!”

Not only was the fantastic machine completely free, but it also came the next day, allowing Ms Cheesewright to begin testing straight immediately.

“I’m quite pleased with it; it’s the nicest free gift I’ve ever received.”

“I’ve gotten tiny things in the past, like moisturiser samples or face wipes, but this is by far my biggest success.

“I would encourage everyone to give it a shot; it’s only one form to fill out, and you’ll never know unless you try!”

“Sharon has done so well to discover the opportunities out there for product testers,” said Deepak Tailor, creator of LatestFreeStuff.co.uk.

“Product testing is one of the best methods to receive high-value items to try out and review – firms are always searching for honest input on their products, so take advantage of it and get what you can!”

“Brinkwire Summary News,” by Ms Cheesewright.


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