Is your income enough? How much money do you actually need to be happy?


Is your income enough? How much money do you actually need to be happy?

MONEY, and how much one earns, is something that many people like to keep private, but a recent study suggests that there is a certain income that people require in order to be happy.

Money, it is often stated, cannot purchase happiness… although this may not be entirely true. A recent study has identified the happiest cities in the United Kingdom, as well as the impact of average pay on happiness.

Raisin UK conducted the survey, which looked at ONS data to determine the happiest cities and compare average salaries in various cities.

Winchester in Hampshire, according to the report, is the happiest city in the United Kingdom.

The average annual salary in Winchester is £35,346 pounds, yet statistics reveals that a good life may be had for much less.

In reality, the top ten happiest UK cities have an average salary of £33,864.

This implies that people in the United Kingdom are happy when they earn much above £30,000 per year.

This is more than the average UK wage of £29,000, meaning that in order to be happy, UK individuals must earn more than the average.

An electrician, binman, optometrist, truck driver, and even some higher-paid nurses are among the positions that pay £33,000 per year, according to Raisin UK.

With an average wage of £33,360 per year, Lichfield in Staffordshire comes in second in the happiness rankings.

Perth, Scotland, has the lowest average pay in the top ten cities, at £29,768, which is close to the UK average.

Derby’s average annual wage is likewise less than £30,000, at £29,895.

The average wage in London, at £41,220, is greater than most other areas in the rankings, although it is not the highest sum worldwide.

The city with the highest average pay is St Albans, with £47,507.

“While our study reveals that money may purchase happiness, it is not necessarily the case in real life when put into action,” Kevin Mountford, Co-Founder of Raisin UK, remarked.

“Money can assist alleviate the stressors of everyday living, which could lead to a longer lifespan in the long run.”

Below is the full list of Raisin UK’s top ten happy cities in the UK:

Happiness Index: 104 in Winchester (£35,346).

Happiness Index: 100 in Lichfield (£33,360).

Happiness Index: 99 in Chichester (£31,894).

Cambridge (£33,225) – Index of Happiness: 95

Happiness Index: 94 in St Albans (£47,507).

Happiness Index: 91 in Chelmsford (£32,849).

“Brinkwire Summary News”. Perth (£29,768)- Happiness Index:


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