Is travel insurance worth it if you’re traveling during Covid?


Is travel insurance worth it if you’re traveling during Covid?

TRAVELING during a pandemic is fraught with risks and potential calamities, and even with travel insurance, it might end up costing you a lot of money.

Many things might derail your summer vacation, from testing positive before leaving to nations suddenly being placed on the Amber list.

Travel insurance, on the other hand, hasn’t evolved nearly as much as the travel business, so is it still worth your money?

The average cost of travel insurance in the United Kingdom is £38, however some packages can cost more than £300.

The cost depends on the insurance broker, where you’ll be staying, how long you’ll be gone, and what you need covered.

The typical cost of a two-week holiday in the UK for a family of four is over £4000, which might result in a significant amount of money lost in deposits and tickets if the trip is canceled.

In comparison, travel insurance does not appear to be a significant outlay, especially when considering the peace of mind it provides.

Many people, on the other hand, saw this as an unnecessary investment that wasn’t worth the few pounds it cost.

Even the most economical vacationers were compelled to purchase as much travel insurance as possible as a result of the outbreak.

As more customers were forced to rebook or cancel their vacations, many wished they had paid the extra few pounds for travel insurance.

For some, the prospect of losing money on a vacation they can’t take seems like the worst-case scenario; yet, most travel insurance policies wouldn’t have covered this scenario either.

The second most common cause for filing a claim for travel insurance is cancellation, and many people experienced this dreadful circumstance firsthand during the pandemic.

According to a survey conducted by Defaqto, just 12% of available travel insurance covers cancellations due to a positive Covid test.

This is compressed by 44%, leaving no room for cancellations owing to the need to self-isolate.

So, while travel insurance costs less than a tenth of typical vacation costs, there’s a 44 percent risk you won’t be able to claim for any damages if you get it.

“Just as you can’t guarantee the weather, you can’t ensure nothing will go wrong when you plan a holiday,” Anna-Marie Duthie, Travel Insurance Expert at Defaqto, said.

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