Is the stock market closed on Columbus Day 2021?


INVESTORS will be wondering if the stock market is open on Columbus Day on Monday, October 11.

The stock market includes the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, both of which are headquartered in Manhattan.

Columbus Day, which celebrates Christopher Columbus’ landing in America, is one of the 12 US federal holidays.

However, that might be where the confusion lies – just because it is a federal holiday does not mean the stock market is closed.

For instance, the markets did not close on Juneteenth, which became a new federal holiday when President Joe Biden signed it into law.

The stock market is closed on nine of the 12 federal holidays including:

In other words, the stock market will remain open on Columbus Day 2021.

Just keep in mind that the stock market is not open during weekends.

Usually if a qualifying federal holiday falls on a Saturday, then the stock market will close on the previous day.

And if a holiday lands on Sunday, then the markets typically close on next day.

For Christmas Day, which lands on a Saturday this year – meaning the stock market will observe the holiday on December 24.

Normal trading hours of the stock market are 9.30am to 4pm Eastern Time on Monday through Friday.

Currently, cryptocurrencies are a hot trend among investors.

However, they are not a part of the stock market – and do not take any days off from trading.

Some popular cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, and Ethereum.

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