Is PIP being phased out in your area? Thousands of people could lose out on a critical disability payment.


Is PIP being phased out in your area? Thousands of people could lose out on a critical disability payment.

In some parts of the UK, PIP claimants will lose their benefits, which will be replaced by a new and improved system. What changes are on the horizon? In Scotland, the Personal Independence Payment will be phased out next year. For persons with disabilities, long-term diseases, or mental health disorders who live north of the border, the payment will be replaced by Adult Disability Payment, which will include a number of improvements.

ADP will be offered to people from the age of 16 to the age of State Pension.

The new method will be piloted starting in the spring of 2022, before being made available to all Scottish claimants in the summer of that year.

New claims will be accepted under the trial plan starting in spring 2022; a definite deadline for applications has not yet been specified.

This page contains all of the information you’ll need regarding the new and enhanced system for Scottish residents.

Many of the criteria used in making a PIP judgment will alter under the new system, which will be a relief to applicants.

The program will drastically cut the frequency of face-to-face evaluations, which have long been a necessary element of obtaining PIP and have also been one of the most vilified aspects of the application process.

Claimants will no longer be required to complete tasks as part of the application procedure to demonstrate how their disability, long-term sickness, or mental health condition affects them.

The majority of consultations will be conducted over the phone, however they may also be conducted in person at a GP clinic or even at the applicant’s home, depending on their circumstances.

The applicant’s account of their circumstances, as well as information from health and care professionals, such as a social care needs assessment or a report from a community care nurse, will be used to make the decision.

The change is the result of Social Security Scotland’s consultations, which determined that the evaluations were “the most stressful component of the procedure.”

“Our latest survey shows that 82 percent of PIP claimants are satisfied with the overall service they receive from us,” a spokesperson for the Department for Work and Pensions said. “We continue to work closely with stakeholder groups and assessment providers to continuously improve the overall experience.”

The eligibility conditions are similar to those for PIP, and it is a benefit for those who match the following criteria:• You are between the ages of 16 and.


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