Is it true that banks are closed on Columbus Day?


TO bank or not to bank? That is the question many have for Columbus Day on Monday.

On the federal holiday, which celebrates Christopher Columbus’ landing on America, many types of businesses remain open.

This includes the grocery and retail stores, as well as the stock market.

Meanwhile, it’s a little more complicated with banks. While many are closed in observance of the holiday – there’s a chance your branch might be open.

Typically, banks are closed on most federal holiday as well including Labor Day.

Major banks that are closed on Columbus Day include:

To find out if your local bank’s is open give them a call or check the holiday schedule online.

While a branch may be closed, some customer call centers might be open.

If not, and you need to receive or deposit cash – there’s always an ATM. You can find these at a local store.

You can also operate your bank account online on Columbus Day by transferring money, checking balance, and paying bills.

For Thanksgiving, some retailers including Target, Walmart, and Best Buy will be closed.

Plus, we explain when the first thanksgiving was and which President made it a federal holiday.

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