Is it possible for you to save £100 every week? How to save more money during Covid.


Is it possible for you to save £100 every week? How to save more money during Covid.

Between the pandemic’s economic downturn and the UK government’s rollback of financial support programs for the poor, Britons are in desperate need of sensible everyday money-saving advice.

Finance expert Jasmine Britels has teamed up with poverty charity Turn2Us to highlight the “21 methods to save £100 in a week” to help the public in their time of need., one of the country’s biggest money self-help websites, was founded by Ms Britles.

Ms Britles claims that if all of her suggestions are followed into savers’ daily routines, they will save £400 per month and £4,600 per year.

Her suggestions all revolve around how people spent their money during the pandemic and what changes they may make in their daily life.

According to Ms Britles, here are some of the best ways for people to save £100 in a week.

Savers should check to see if they have access to free money they didn’t know about, according to Ms Britles.

Savers can utilize the website to look for any forgotten savings accounts that still have money in them.

Savers, on the other hand, are encouraged to fully investigate any potential inheritance they may be entitled to.

Sunak has warned that the triple lock must be removed from the state pension system.

During the pandemic, food and grocery costs accounted for the majority of households’ outgoing spending.

Ms Britles advises that families use up all of the food in their kitchens before purchasing more or dining out.

To save even more money, savers are encouraged to buy only a few perishable food items.

According to NatWest study, the average adult spends £39 per month on subscriptions they never use, ranging from Netflix to Amazon Prime.

Savers should evaluate any needless subscriptions or memberships that they are paying for but are not using.

Savers can dramatically cut their food price by using applications like Olio, which alerts consumers where people and companies in their area are giving food away for free.

Another app, Too Good to Go, sends out notifications about nearby cafés and eateries that serve affordable food at the end of the day.

Electric and energy expenditures can be reduced by unplugging equipment at night rather than leaving them on standby.

This is predicted to save you up to £50. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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