Instead of splurging on Black Friday, shoppers should do THIS with their money.


Black Friday is being boycotted by shoppers; instead of splurging, do THIS with your money.

SHOPPERS are planning to skip this week’s Black Friday shopping frenzy because they see it as a cynical “marketing ploy” with promotions that aren’t as good as they appear.

Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become a part of the shopping calendar, many people are hesitant to embrace this American import.

Those who do succumb to the thrill will spend an average of £275, but financial experts say the money could be better spent elsewhere.

According to research from brand specialist Ello, one-third of people will avoid Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Those who go shopping will go to well-known, dependable stores like Amazon, Argos, Tesco, Currys, Boots, John Lewis, and Mandamp;S.

As living costs rise, savvy Brits are wary of Black Friday, according to Ello managing director Michael Kalli.

“Rather than offering annual price reductions, brands should offer customers year-round loyalty incentives.”

On the other hand, Jonny Sabinsky, head of communications at, warned that scammers will be ready to go on Black Friday.

“Especially if it looks like a confirmation email for a purchase you don’t recall making,” he said, shoppers should be wary of emails that appear to come from big companies like Amazon and PayPal.

Check the domain, which appears after the @ sign, if you get a suspicious email.

“PayPal, for example, will be

It is not the real company if you see [email protected] or something similar,” Sabinsky explained.

Keep an eye out for basic grammatical and spelling errors as well.

“It’s highly unlikely that genuine professional emails will contain multiple spelling mistakes,” he added.

Scammers made £2.5 million on Black Friday last year, and they’ll be back this year, according to James Walker, CEO of personal data management firm Rightly.

“Block spam emails and phone numbers, don’t click on suspicious links, and mark and report spam emails and texts.”

If you go shopping, don’t be fooled by the deals, according to James Padmore, head of money at

“It’s not a bargain to buy something you don’t want or need just because it’s cheap.

Make a shopping list after you’ve decided what you want.”

Padmore advises reading reviews, identifying real bargains, being prepared to haggle, and not spending more than you can afford.

“Make a Black Friday budget and stick to it.

“Brinkwire News Summary.”


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