‘Injustice has harmed my life,’ says a woman who was shocked to learn of the changes.


‘Injustice has harmed my life,’ says a woman who was shocked to learn of the changes.

DEE WILD had planned to spend her retirement traveling with her husband, but she was forced to modify her plans when she learned in 2017 that she wouldn’t be able to claim her state pension for another six years than she had anticipated.

Dee had only anticipated to work for another year at the moment. During an exclusive interview with This website, she said, “I was crushed.” “We are having to utilize our retirement savings to fill any financial gaps, which means we both have to work and are frequently too weary – now that our health has deteriorated – to provide my family with the care and assistance they require.”

Dee has a habit of working two or three jobs to support her family.

She and her husband had decided that retirement would be their opportunity to live life to the fullest, especially since her husband had worked hard since he was 16 years old.

They even downgraded their home to put money aside for retirement.

Dee’s daughter gave birth to a seriously challenged kid shortly before she discovered how the changes affected her, so she and her husband opted to go down south and rent to assist her, putting her travel aspirations on hold.

“Had we realized we were about to lose six years of my pension, as well as our future health and plans, we would not have made the decision and risked our cash and retirement security.

“Working has resulted in physical injury and the necessity for regular physiotherapy, and I am confident that stress is to blame for my recent heart condition.

Dee tells that her husband was informed 15 years ago that he needed to cease working physically because of his health.

“One of the reasons we downsized was to eliminate the need to work nonstop,” she continues.

“He now has to work a lot harder just to keep us afloat, and I see him struggle and worry about him.”

Dee became active in the matter as a campaigner under the moniker “the Persistent Pensioner” after learning about the state pension age changes.

A Facebook post by the campaign organization WASPI [Women Against State Pension Inequality] informed her that the state pension age (SPA) for women was increased from 60 to 65.

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