Indyref2 is unavoidable, says Sir Tom Hunter, as he criticizes Brexit politicians


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A second referendum on Scottish independence is inevitable, retail tycoon Sir Tom Hunter said, while voicing disapproval of the handling of Brexit by politicians.

However, a referendum on independence should not be held for now, the Ayrshire businessman said, although any effort by a British prime minister to block one could backfire.

“My position on a second referendum on Scottish independence is, one, that it is inevitable and, two, that it definitely should not be now,”My position on a second referendum on Scottish independence is, first, that it is inevitable and, second, that it definitely should not be now.

From James Thomson. David Cheskin’s picture.

Witchery leader Thomson claims that hospitality jobs are secured

A leading restaurateur from Edinburgh stressed the importance of preserving the “whole ecosystem of jobs” associated with the struggling hospitality industry in Scotland as he launched a funding plan to support his company through the coronavirus.

By securing a £ 2.5 million loan from his long-standing bank, James Thomson, who was awarded an OBE in 2005 for hospitality and tourism services, tried to secure the future of Prestonfield House Hotel and The Witchery on the Royal Mile.

Hotel fears’ heavily oversubscribed ‘despite SNP support’

There have been warnings that after a government funding package was “heavily oversubscribed” to benefit only around 60 companies, Scotland’s hotel sector may be at risk of collapse.

Under the Scottish government’s hotel assistance scheme, close to 300 hotels have applied for emergency funding.

Reservoir Cruachan. Image: Party Drax.

Scottish renewables in support of the oil giant after sales of gas-fired power plants of £ 200 million

After selling up to £ 200 million worth of gas-fired power plants, energy giant Drax has underlined the value of its renewable energy assets in Scotland to its strategy.

The selling of the four gas-fired power plants, Drax said, would help it become a carbon-negative business by 2030.

After £ 200 m sales of gas-fired power plants @heraldscotland @ Business, the power giant highlights the value of Scottish renewable energy assets
– Mark Williamson (@MarkW) 16/12/2020

As it lags global stock market returns, confidence flags ‘anathema’

In order to keep pace with global markets this year, the Scottish Investment Trust says its portfolio needed “relatively large exposure to a very small number of companies” that it believes are “grossly overvalued”.

The chairman of the Edinburgh-based trust, James Will, pointed to the supremacy in global markets of a “momentum” investing form, which he said “seems to have little regard for valuation.”


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Bulletin of Business:
Scotland’s first non-alcoholic dark ale via @TasteComms from @HarviestounBrew
Owner @TheWitcheryEdin secures £ 2.5m Covid loan
Emphasis on SMEs: engineer maintains employment amid crisis
— Brian Donnelly (@BrianDonnellyHT) 14/12/2020

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