In the first eight months, childhood best buddies launch a business and make a six-figure profit.


CHILDHOOD best friends and flatmates Laurence Stevens and Harrison Dark started their business in their London flat during the first lockdown, and have seen exponential growth ever since.

Despite not having finished a single financial year yet, Odd Coffee Company had a six figure revenue within the first eight months of selling their eco-friendly coffee pods. The Greenwich-based coffee-loving founders discovered that thousands of tonnes of great coffee goes unused every year in the UK, and sought to create a solution that could fuel the coffee revolution.

Odd Coffee Company paired with premium coffee roasters all over the UK and repackaged their surplus coffee so customers can enjoy the same quality beans at a cheaper price with eco-friendly pods.

To date the founding pair have reached their original milestone, saving over one million unused coffee pods from going into landfills, but they don’t intend to stop now. By 2025 they aim to rescue 50 times this amount.

The founding pair have known each other since they were nine and have been drawn to the entrepreneurial sector since childhood: “When we were just 14 years old, we used to sell bits and bobs to our friends in the local area, but in more recent years we set up a successful street food business called Salt Shed.”

Mr Stevens shared how he and Mr Dark turned a mutual coffee addiction and entrepreneurial spirit into a profitable business.

He exclusively told This website: “During the first lockdown, when the queues for supermarkets were unbearable, Harrison and I found ourselves separately trying to conceal how many household commodities we used from each other – including coffee pods! We both need around four coffees every morning to function, so coffee pods quickly became a top shelf commodity and held the same value as toilet roll and toothpaste in our flat.”

Lockdown saw many everyday items becoming a scarce novelty, with consumers turning to unique and strange alternatives in order to get by, and Mr Dark and Mr Stevens found themselves falling down the internet rabbit hole searching for a suitable substitute for their caffeine deficiency.

They soon stumbled upon the large amount of waste coming from the coffee industry, noting: “Premium coffee is wasted in the coffee industry every day due to strict cosmetic retail requirements – despite the imperfections being. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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