In some cases, a TV license may still be free for Britons; here’s how to find out if yours is.


In some cases, a TV license may still be free for Britons; here’s how to find out if yours is.

CHANGES IN TV LICENCE ENTITIES mean that more people will have to deal with the issue of making a payment. Despite this, some individuals will be able to obtain the benefit for free.

A television license presently costs £159 per year, which some people may need to budget for. This is more common for retirees who have a limited amount of money to work with each year due to retirement income management. Previously, age was a factor in determining which Britons were eligible for a free license to watch television in their homes, with all those over the age of 75 being exempt from paying. However, everything changed after that. The BBC was given responsibility for TV licenses for the over-75s as part of the most recent Royal Charter.

The broadcasting corporation warned that continuing to finance free licenses for all older viewers would compel it to discontinue services in “unprecedented” ways.

As a result, the criteria have altered, and only a select group of senior citizens will be eligible for a free license. It’s worth seeing if the entitlement is still available for free or at a reduced charge.

The only people who will be able to get a TV license for free are those who are over 75 and receive Pension Credit.

Pension Credit is a lump sum payment intended to supplement a person’s income if they are over the age of the state pension and have a low income.

The money can also be used to aid Britons with housing fees like ground rent and utility charges, which can quickly add up.

An individual’s income will be considered when filing for Pension Credit, and if they have a partner, their income will be calculated combined.

It raises a person’s weekly income to £177.10 if they are alone, or £270.30 if they have a partner.

If a person is already receiving Pension Credit, they can apply at the age of 74. They will, however, be required to pay for their license until the month before their 75th birthday.

Pension Credit is a “gateway” benefit because it can lead to a variety of other benefits for Britons. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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