In just FOUR years, a man went from ‘no wage’ to earning £73 million every year.


MORTEN PETERSEN left Google to co-found a new platform for freelancers and remote working employees, now seeing a revenue of $100million (£73million).

Worksome is one of the world’s most trusted freelance, contractor and external workforce management platforms, and has seen profits soar amid a transforming working world during COVID-19. The co-founder shared exclusively with This website what freelancers should know and how to get the best out of an external workforce.

Mr Petersen shared: “We co-founded Worksome in 2017 with the intention of transforming the world of work to enable people to do what they love.

“Back then, I was working at Google and flexible working was already gaining critical mass in the global workforce. But, it was complex due to the heavy loads of admin involved in working with contractors.”

This is where the idea for Worksome first sparked: “We noticed that the technology in HR was just not built for working with freelancers. There were digital solutions for working with employees, for vendors and for suppliers, but not for freelancers.

“This created a lot of friction, and as such, companies were finding it difficult to hire and onboard contractors.”

Worksome was set up to digitally transform these practice and recruitment procedures by taking away the unnecessary bureaucracy involved in contracts, visas and paperwork.

“This is why we set up Worksome – to digitally transform the recruitment practices involved in working with freelancers, and to take away all of the challenging bureaucracy related to contracts, visas and paperwork.”

Mr Petersen noted that being an entrepreneur has enabled him to work towards his passion instead of just a simple target, and for that he was more than willing to take a pay cut: “I left a well paid job at Google to start Worksome, and for the first couple of years I wasn’t earning a salary. Even now, I am making substantially less than I was at Google and whilst I could easily double my salary, we’d rather invest in the company and put the money towards hiring two more people, for example.”

He added: “I think that is the truth of entrepreneurial success. It’s always a risk in the short term, and even when the business is doing as well and growing as quickly as Worksome, you are always thinking of how best. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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