‘I was startled’ when I learned how an entrepreneur transformed a pastime into a £250,000 business.


‘I was startled’ when I learned how an entrepreneur transformed a pastime into a £250,000 business.

BHAVNA PANCHOLI, from Leicester, started her eBay business in 2015 and currently earns around £250,000.

Setting up a side-hustle business in addition to a full-time career can pay off handsomely. Bhavna Pancholi, who launched All Things Personal six years ago, is an excellent example, with the business generating nearly £250,000 in revenue last year.

Bhavna started the business as a pastime in 2015 after being inspired by the great response to her handcrafted cards.

“It started as a hobby; I’ve always enjoyed being creative and crafting,” she explained. When I first started, I never thought of it as a business.

“I prepared my own Christmas cards, one for each of my friends and family members.

“After that, they came to me and asked for a card for a birthday or Valentine’s Day.

“After that, I started getting a few orders, and it was my husband who suggested that I post my cards on eBay because people seem to like them.”

“As a result, I posted a few designs. That was in September of 2015, and things only got better from there. The more orders I received, the more time I spent creating new designs,” she explained.

All Things Personal was an instant hit, and Bhavna surprised herself by earning £4,000 in her first year.

“I was surprised since it still felt like a hobby to me because I love doing it,” Bhavna explained.

“I was completely blown away by the sales in the first year; £4,000 felt like a great deal to me, and we’ve been steadily growing since then.

“I believe that is a result of my whole business ethos.”

“We offer a high level of personalisation on our cards,” she continued, “and putting the consumer first is at the heart of the business for me.”

“As a result, I developed a devoted customer base and had numerous repeat orders.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to quadruple our growth year over year. Then there came lockdown, which was a significant turning point.

Bhavna continued, “We witnessed exponential increase in sales, which I had never envisaged, and we concluded just shy of a quarter of a million turnover last year.”

The inability to be close to loved ones, according to Bhavna, triggered a spike in their purchases during lockdown.

“I believe during a time when people couldn’t see.” Brinkwire Summary News, she said.


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