‘I was a wasteful spender.’ Bron, 25, was able to get his finances in order thanks to some free financial guidance.


‘I was a wasteful spender.’ Bron, 25, was able to get his finances in order thanks to some free financial guidance.

Despite being laid off due to the epidemic last year, Bron Davies couldn’t stop spending, but a government-funded organization called MoneyHelper helped her regain control. A phone call to free support is only a phone call away.

The new MoneyHelper service provides free advice on a wide range of financial topics, including the State Pension, retirement planning, debt issues, and basic financial skills like managing a bank account or credit card. Bron, a 25-year-old from Cardiff, took to it after losing her £25,000-a-year theatre job in August of last year.

It was terrible to be laid off from the work she loved, curating large public art projects in the theatre sector.

It was also a financial setback for Bron, who was forced to leave her flat and return home with her parents.

Despite finding a job in public health, her new position paid £7,000 less and she continued to spend as she had before.

Lockdown, if anything, exacerbated the situation. Bron’s wasteful spending rose as she had more time on her hands. “You’re still acting as if you have all that money when you don’t,” she remarked.

Bron had no savings and relied on credit cards and Buy Now Pay Later schemes like Klarna to make ends meet.

Bron described her mother as a “money worrier” who frequently inquired about her financial situation. “I used to always say I was alright, but suddenly I wasn’t.”

As a result, Bron sought help from MoneyHelper. She opted to participate in the site’s free online program, Couch to Financial Fitness.

The course provided her with the direction, encouragement, and drive she needed to make a change. “It gave me excellent advice and suggestions on how to better manage my money and cut down on frivolous spending, particularly while buying online.”

Bron now puts possible items in an internet basket for a few days to let them cool off before pressing the “Buy” button. She doesn’t always do so.

“This allows me time to consider my options before making reckless financial decisions.”

She is more financially secure now, but she is apprehensive about reverting to old habits. “Now it’s only a matter of willpower and my will to put what I’ve learnt into practice.”

After losing her work due to the pandemic, single mother Josie from Plymouth went to Buy Now Pay Later to provide for her two children.

MoneyHelper suggested a free debt counselor who could help. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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