‘I made a pledge on a triple lock on my pension!’ ‘Won’t work, you’re wiggling!’ Stayt skewers Sunak.


‘I made a pledge on a triple lock on my pension!’ ‘Won’t work, you’re wiggling!’ Stayt skewers Sunak.

THE STATE PENSION triple lock has been called into doubt once again, with Chancellor Rishi Sunak unsure whether he will uphold his word. ‘You promised to triple lock your pensions during the election!’ Rishi Sunak gets skewered by Charlie Stayt, who says, “It’s not going to work Because you’re wiggling!”

The State Pension triple lock ensures that the amount increases each year by the highest of three factors: inflation, earnings, or 2.5 percent. However, with millions of people returning to work, wage data has been skewed, with the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) predicting an increase of up to 8% in April 2022. Many have questioned if the idea is still feasible, as well as how much the government can pay.

The topic came up today during Chancellor George Osborne’s appearance on BBC News, when he was asked about the possibility of an increase.

Concerns regarding the state pension rise, which is due to take effect in April 2021, were raised by presenter Charlie Stayt.

He drew attention to another government policy, which is to eliminate the £20 temporary uplift to Universal Credit in the autumn.

“Is it fair that the state pension might increase by up to 8% while you take money from Universal Credit?” Mr Stayt wondered. Is it reasonable?”

While the Triple Lock remains Government policy, the Chancellor was quick to reply, acknowledging that there were “concerns” about the increase.

“What I would say is that the numbers you gave are just guesses at this stage, and judgments will be made later,” he said. Concerns are valid and appropriate to express.

“When we come back to this at the right moment, your term, fairness, is the right one. That will be the driving force behind all we do.

“We want to make sure that the decisions we make are equitable for both retirees and taxpayers.”

The idea of fairness for both “pensioners and taxpayers” has some analysts wondering if the Chancellor is hinting at a lesser increase than 8% if that happens.

Mr Stayt did not appear satisfied with the Chancellor’s response, and instead demanded that further information be provided.

“You made an election commitment to the pension triple lock,” he said. It.”Brinkwire Summary News” if you are holding it as you claim.


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